Scam report about mary jenifer cole

First name:  mary jenifer
Last name:  cole
Age:  32
Location:  lagos, Nigeria
Phone:  2347040991327
Report:  I met this woman on the adult dating site about 22 months ago. We exchanged emails for a couple of weeks and in the third week she sends me an email with what was suppose to be a will of her late father and it stated he lefer he the sum of 1.7 billion dollars. I never beleived this existed and played along for months when she brought in who was suppose to be an attorney she hired over there and they keep sending me documents that supposedly verified the money in the bank over there. I statred trying to help her out and started send ing money for what was suppose to be to transport it to the US and to me which had me confussed from the start. I just fell for this woman so much and I got blinded by her sweetness and what appeared to be total honsety. I even bought a ticket to lagos, nigeria last december and was supposed to be pickuped at the airport by her but she never showed and for 5 days I stayed there is a nasty hotel and tryied to get a responce by email and no answer came. I used up all my money and had to borrow monry form my brother to get back home. About 3 weeks after I got back I started getting emails and IM conservations from her saying she had been beaten by a relative and was in the hospital and that was why she could not come meet me at the airport. I for some reason bought this explanation and continued the online afair. In fact the entire year of 2009 till 3 days before Christmas I sent her money supposedly to buy food pay for internet and many othere things. In July this year I sent her over $17,000.00 for air fare and each time she sent me a bogus schedule and never showed blaming Delta that they messed up her flight and she always went other places yet she never could provide me with any receipts or flight tickets. Not only did this scam involve sending money to her but many reasos come up when she was supposed to been held in custody at the airport by security and I sent her mother money for an attorney and money to get here released once at Lagos and once at London. UK. And there were even more people where this money was supposedly sent to London, UK by courier and was being held by a security firm there and that involved me sending over $35,000.00 there.When I discovered her on again under the username coolgirl23 I then knew I had been scammed and as I was searching I found this site and wished I had found it 2 years ago and over $175,000.00 ago and 5 different women. I feel very much ashamed and violated but I needed to tell this story to thos who have yet to get taken and hope many sse it and lean what I have now before they make the mistakes I did.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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