Scam report about Tatiana Evdina

First name:  Tatiana
Last name:  Evdina
Age:  27
Location:  Ukraine , Nikolaev
Address:  Dmytrieva street DOM 13 kwartira 3
On websites:  dream-marriage, Id 82924 , ansatasia, natashaclub
Report:  She is very active on Dream-marriage. She puts men on her admirer or favorites list. She makes the first move; She invites fo chat, and she quickly agrees to give her personal information. Than she asks you to come and visit her. She will be there with a friend, and you pay of course all the bills; She wants clothes and money all the time for her and her friend. At the same time she is doing this to two other men, that i know off; We found out, because one of the guys she was luring in her net, opened a facebook account for her. I stumbeled upon the account; She denied that she was in contact with that guy. She did not know him at all. I contacted him; And we immideately saw what she was doing. She was playing us to get money and gifts; We found out about the third guy via facebook as well; When we told dream marriage about this. They did nothing. They refundet our money. But they refused to delete the girl. To them it was ok that she was liying to us. I have this in writing from the dream-marriage people; She was a girl that as in chat for 20000 minutes a year on the site of DM. That was about $10000, that she was making for DM. I'm sure she got some of it as well;I wanted to ste her up and expose her, together with the other guy; But DM phoned her and told her about our copmplaint. So we could not set her up and get the super hard evidence we where looking for. But of course we knew excactly what she was doing. I did not take a Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. I send proof of Western Union transfers as well. But this as not proof to them. Even when i was sending money befoer i went to visit the girl. I was with her 4 times. And she is the most convincing liar I ever met in my life. This borders sociopathic behavior. Stay away from her. She is looking for money and gifts not for a relation. I as with a person in Nikolaev, Bill Green, he can help. He is married to Ukraine woman, larisa. And he knows the scammers and how to handle these things. But even he was surprised by her actions. So, stay away from her. And if you have contact with her, let me know.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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