Scam report about Marina, Marisha 

First name:  Marina, Marisha
Age:  29
Location:  Ukraine, Zolochev ( Lviv or Lvov region)
Report:  HI, I'd like to reposrt that woman as a scammer. I was corresponding with her since Dec 15th 2009. I had found her profile on web site I think she is very sophisticated scammer. Right from the beginning of our correspondence she described me her life story, difficulties with her ex-partner who had left her,little baby,work, study and basically hardship. She was sending me lovely pictures of her and family, i.e. baby in the church during a holy Mass, her mum, auntie,uncle, her dogs etc. Everything seemed to be so realistic. The long responses to my emails were sent so quickly,after a 2 days or so, which was quite weird to me, but anyway I still believed that she's real woman with good intentions, looking for her man. Suddenly after about 1 week later, she sent me an email saying that she needed to use translation agency and there's a credit, that she was worse off every month because of all her tax, her rent which had gone up and was unpaid, the bills ond so on. Her daughter Kristina had only beans on for dinner practically every night, nothing good or fun. After the last her letter I suddenly received an email from Valeria from Imperial Translations (phone: +380668581420) who introduced himself or herself (not sure if it's a woman or man) as a representative acting on behalf of Marina. The email was written in quite clever wait, stating that Imperial Translations agency wants to know if I potentially could her Marina due to her significant problems with her finances, and Marina's desperate situation. I asked then about the address of that agency, but up till now I have not received any answer. Kind regards Derek PS if you need the copies of her emails and pictures of her,I can send it to you,just let me know.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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