Scam report about Ramona Ionela Barbu

First name:  Ramona Ionela
Last name:  Barbu
Age:  26
Location:  Bucharest, Romania
On websites:  Lucky Lovers
Report:  If my last report was about the best of scammers, this one is about the worst! Ramona and I chatted on Yahoo and she told me she had nowhere to be at Christmas. I invited her over! Turned out she didn't have a passport! I figured she was probably a scammer, but the passport wasn't so expensive. I told her I'd send her the money for a passport, and book her an electronic ticket. I asked her not to let me go ahead and book the air ticket once she had the passport money, if she was a scammer. She said she wouldn't! So, I wrote the money off. But, surprisingly, she came back - with a passport and a web-cam! She used the web-cam to show me that she was real - this included stripping of and showing me all of her - in close-up. Man that was something! She also showed me the passport. She then suggested that I write to her friend whoo could get tickets cheaply for us. Her friend was And could get me a cheap ticket, but only for cash. I got back to Ramona, who did the naked thing again, and told her I was going to pay the extra and book an electronic ticket. Now here is the nasty bit! She said, sure, go ahead! So I made a booking. I then realized I hadn't actually seen her name on the passport and I phoned her, emailed her and tried to contact her on Yahoo. She's never returned. Fortunately, the booking failed to go through, so I didn't lose any money but hey - why get a guy to spend money if you aren't going to be the recipient. That's real mean!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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