Scam report about Yulia Metelitza

First name:  Yulia
Last name:  Metelitza
Age:  21
Location:  Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Phone:  077212314577
On websites:  Lucky Lovers
Report:  Finally, the cruelest of scammers. Julia and I have been in Correspondence for the best part of three months and had agreed to meet in Kiev in February just after her birthday. As you might expect, I had a lot of doubts about her sincerity, but she kept telling me that she loved me and was determined that we should get married. Nearly all of our converstions have been on LL chat, she doesn't like emails - for obvious reasons! At one point she took a trip to Almati, to be at here Aunties wedding. We argued a lot about this, culminating in me checking her IP source address for her emails sent from there. They showed she had never left Karaganda. We argued a lot, but she insisted it was an error in the Kazakh network. This came up again last night when we were chatting on MSN. It turned out that she had never heard of the Almati apple. So, I rang her today and we had a blazing row in which she admitted she had lied about everything, but there was no harm done becasue she had never asked me for money. She said it was just a little fun - a trifle! When I pointed out that it would have cost me the best part of a thousand Euros to go to Kiev, she said it wasn't a problem, beacuase I would have enjoyed the holiday even though she wouldn't have arrived (supposedly she was to visit her grandfather there) turns out he's also fiction! I have to admit that technically, she's not a scammer, since she didn't ask for money directly, but she is dangerous and bad - so if you are talking to her. or if you do. remember it's just her way of having fun. Don't book anything because she won't be there. Happy New Year Everyone!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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