Scam report about Ahha (Anna) Anekcahapobha

First name:  Ahha (Anna)
Last name:  Anekcahapobha
Age:  29
Location:  Morki Russia
Report:  She contacted me on 10-23-09, and after 3 emails, she ashed for money for trip to me. I advised her I did not have it, and after 20 or so letters she said tht she had found the 70,000 rubbles for the trip and that she should be here in USA within 10 days. Then I received her typed email with all flight info..looked great. So I went to airport to meet her and she never showed. Two days later I received a email from her, as she stated that she was still in Russia, cause all the money she had in her pocket was $14. and that customs people would not let her leave until she had $3000., she again asked for money and I said not that i had contacted my friends in INS and they said that was BS. I never heard from her again. I CHECK ONLINE FOR RUSSIAN WOMEN SCAMS AND I FOUND HER PICTURES ON 5 SITES USING DIFFERENT NAMES. THIS SAD THAT MEN ARE GETTING SCAMMED......WHY??????? I have copies of all photos she sent me and her letters.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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