Scam report about Viktoriya Udalaya

First name:  Viktoriya
Last name:  Udalaya
Age:  30
Location:  Ukraine - Kramatorsk
Address:  173233
On websites:  yahoo personals
Report:  My dear,its me Viktoriya here, so how are you doing ? i am fine..we have Christmas here, yes,this is not mistake,you have Christmas from 24 of December to 25,and we have it from 6th of January to 7,it is because of revolution long time ago they did change calendar. Some people celebrate it on 24 of December any way,but officially it is today's night from 6 to 7,so Marry Christmas dear :) I will have a dinner with co-worker's at home so it will be little private party. Now about travel plans,i can fly out around January 17, it will be Friday and there are flights available on this date, i have some funds saved but about 700 dollars short and will need your support,so please get it here as soon as possible so i could book the flight and fly out in time.You can send it here with Western Union or Money Gram, you can check here : or and this is necessary info : Country : Ukraine,City : Kramatorsk My full name : Viktoriya Udalaya, do not forget to provide me with reference transfer #. I want you to know about some traditions we have here also, today is

Status of report:  is still without proof

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