Scam report about OKSANA 

First name:  OKSANA
Age:  31
Location:  Kazan - Russia
On websites:  Dream Marriage
Report:  I fell for this at first, but escaped just in time. I lost no money on this occasion. This person (Oksana) phoned me but I was not in. Her last email asked for help with her air fare to come visit me in London. This is when I got suspicious. She says her mother died of cancer and she lves with her father in a small appartment. She sends loads of stunning photos. She is blond and says she works with children. She fell in love with me in 3 weeks and wanted to live with me here. She says she has no phone at home and has to use an internet cafe to communicate with me. Type her email address into google and the word SCAMMER flys all over the page. I am not the first potential victim or the last. Avoid Oksana (?) she is not real.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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