Scam report about Gloria Sasu

First name:  Gloria
Last name:  Sasu
Age:  36
Location:  Accra Ghana
Address:  moves around
Phone:  233541045399
Email: asianbaby40@yahoo
On websites:  asainpeoplemeet
Report:  Known accomplises: Issac Oduro, lawyer, John Bill lawyer, phone #233541532988 Randolf Reinhold, investor/shipping agent phone #233541881947, Rocky Yeboa, shipping agent, Patrick Boateng, kidknapper, thief. The story starts with contact on Asian People meet, I reported her to the site, so she no longer operates under this name asianbaby50. site reports her as in Ohio, after getting aquainted, she confesses she is in accra ghana. says she want's out of ghana has a plane ticket only needs a passport renewed and a medical certificate. Oh by the way my dad was a miner in the gold mines and i have 36lbs of gold. then lawyers get involved, to get proper paper work, it costs mpore and more money to get permits. Then she gets arrested and sick in jail, need money to get her out of jail and for doctors. then riendorf takes gold out of ghana to england, his visa expired and need more money to send to USA. after a few grand, the gold is in usa, but problems occur, need money to pay to deliver to house, deliverer insists on money incase problems occur. and now there is 500 lbs of gold, and gold was too heavy to and truch shocks gave way, driver wants money to fix shocks. the person accompaning gold, ellen jones, won't deliver, she has spent money and won't deliver 'till she's paid, after she gets paid, she still won't deliver. mean time sasu reports her 36 pounds has been returned to her. and she has all the paperwork to come to america, and has a plane ticket, just need updated medical cert and new paperwork for shipment of some gold on aircraft, where boateng comes in, he's a shipping agent and will take care of paperwork, more money. She then boards the plane and gets to amsterdam, some paperwork is no good, send money to boateng and he'll take care of it. paperwork is fixed, she boards an airplane bound for america, 5 hours later she is in California, no plane has the capabilities to go from Amsterdam to Ca in 5 hours. John bill then reports boateng has Kidnapped Gloria, stole her phone and computer in an effort to steal her gold. now she has been taken far from accra, john bill wants money to go rescue her, and he has money to send me but needs a smaller amount to get it sent. They will bleed u dry, gold can be sold in Ghana, watch for these names, they are all players in the scam.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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