First name: Sharon
Last name: Smith
Aka: Shela Rae
Age: 33
Location: USA, England, Ghana
Report:     How do I send her picture? Contacted me last May, 2009. Said she lived in Golden Triangle, Manhattan, NYC, USA. Was leaving for London, England the next day, 10 year old daughter in critical condition from spinal injury. Always asks for money. Daughter in England because Sharon can't support her. Makes a trip to Ghana & ships $3.4 million to Germany & has it addressed to me. Package is still in Germany with a diplomat named Anthony Williams (he is also listed on a scam list). Said she was born in Alaska to American mother & Ghana father. Lived in Ghana as child. Both parents died & she becomes an orphan, rasied by Guardian. Sends me a ton of provocative pictures. Sends one of her vagina but you can't see her face so you don't know if it is her. Wants me or Sharon to send $7,200 to ship package to me. Package consists of two suitcases of money & gold. I don't have that kind of money. Daughter still in hospital, won't tell me where the hospital is & won't give out address. Daughter can't be released until ALL the money is paid. Swears that I am the love of her life & wants to marry me. Although we have never met she says I am the only one for her & she can't live without me. Working to get a loan so she can get the two suitcases sent to me.
Status of report: is still without proof