Scam report about linda Smith

First name:  linda
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  Linda Anderson
Age:  27
Location:  lagos/ ede
Address:  Nigeria
On websites:
Report:  She goes by Linda (Cate or Kate) Smith Anderson She will meet you on yahoo going by she has a lawyer friend by the name of john Fredrick they both i believe to be the same person the original email she started her yahoo acount is She will promise you 2 million dollars but she is in Nigeria ede to be exact or lagos. She will tell you she needs so much to change her plane ticked with KLM airlines and will give you a booking code that isnt a confirmed number, so call klm first. Linda will tell you that she will need 181.00 cause she has 4 bags she knows that klm charges that for 2 extra bags. Once she recieves the money will ignore you the day she is suppose to depart Lagos then her lawyer John Fredrick will say she got into a bad car accident and she had surgery... she will contact you and say she needs money to pay her bill... she will need money for food and want money for cab rides so be careful. i want to say she has an account on badoo, facebook, yahoo instant messanger and several sites. you guys dont get suckered this one guy that did so learn from someone elses mistakes... Dont talk to anyone from Nigeria or anyone that uses Klm airlines in a dating site and always ask for a comfirmation number and confirm that is is a legit number that is paid for!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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