Scam report about Linda Strauss

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Strauss
Age:  28 or 29
Location:  Lagos , Nigeria
Phone:  234_808_284_2351 active now
On websites:  yahoo messenger
Report:  I've been playing along with this one for awhile now. every time I speak with her she want something ,rather it be jewel, or money for connection hook up so she can talk with me, or money too come too the state. she got me for $2700 back in november for plane ticket and allowance. said the ticket agent ran off with the money, also said she was in the states, back in december, called me tells me too send her mother (ANA) which I don't think is her mother but partner in crime, $1600 too pay for her trip here, that she borrowed money from the bank and needed too pay back or they would put her in jail. another time she said her mom died and needed money too help bury her, after finding out she wasn't going too get the money, she tolded me that she was just testing me. Now when she talks ,she wants money for web cam so I can see her face. At times it sounds like a guy talking when they get pissed cause I won't send money. She operates heavy on messenger, I counted six states she was active at one time, in usa. from az. east too ohio,conn. west Va. Florida,Mass. Coloroda. shes also on my space and asian dating. she is hitting it hard.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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