Scam report about julia 

First name:  julia
Age:  28 ans
Location:  russie
On websites:  badoo
Report:  Hi my pleasure and love Martin! I have received your letter and was very glad that you have written to me. Each your letter is bring to me a particle of your heart, and this particle of heart is warm my soul Also gives hope to me that I am not indifferent to you. You invest all soul in the letters and I feel sincerity and honesty in them. My mum very much likes to address with the computer, I think, that at it all to turn out. My love in Russia to celebrate Christmas on January 7. At us on December 25 it is the usual working day. When I will arrive to you certainly I plan seriously to start to study language. And I would like search work as I do not wish to sit on your necks. As soon as I a payment for my documents approximately in a week I can already arrive to you. I feel, how the day of our meeting arrives and I it very much wait and I would want that this day has come as soon as possible. I not can more wait, as my heart does not maintain this long separation between us. My heart does not leave me in rest and is ready to become torn on a part from love to you. I never did not feel that or similar to this, for me, it is the first love with such large desire what to see you. My love I need to pay for my documents, you already will send today me a remittance for my arrival to you? Today I had free day and I went to go for a walk in park. When I went for a walk in park, I saw of the in love pairs, which were content with the love to each other and were together. That we could go together keeping for hands, that you embraced me and to heated, when it is cold. I want it very strongly, strongly, strongly, and I want, that I was always with you and could each day see you and kiss your gentle lips. For the sake of love I am ready to you on all and if I should die for the sake of you My family feels normally, they also worry, and wish soon meeting for us and joint happy life. I shall wait from you the perfect letter and to read it with the large desire, as is the sole pleasure, which is at me from you. I LOVE YOU. Always your Yuliya.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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