Scam report about Taminule Green

First name:  Taminule
Last name:  Green
Aka:  Tammy
Age:  31
Location:  London, UK ;
Address:  8a Dominion Rd. West Sussex Bn14 8le
Phone:  07552205941
On websites:  eharmony
Report:  She is good. She went so far as to get a air ticket to come to the US and then hit me with a sheet that supposedly the BAA had put out that required them to have a Proof of Sufficient Funds of $1,000. That is when I said enough and shut her off. I had been playing her anyway just to see and did a lot of checking as we went through this little dance. I did a reverse email and found that it is regestered to a Kathleen Haffar in Irvine, CA. I confrunted her with this and she said she was who she said and sent me a picture of her holding a sign that said she loved me with my name on it. If you look at it it looks as though someone photo shopped it in. Then I played along and she needed money for the air ticket and I only gave her $200 and some how she got the ticket. Then hit me with the PSTF.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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