Scam report about lolita milova

First name:  lolita
Last name:  milova
Age:  23
Location:  ukraine
Address:  Komsomolska street, 68
Phone:  00380951000702
On websites: ,
Report:  I want to report a scammer her profile is her email is Her name is Lolita Milova and her birthday is 20 Dec 1986 she is also a member in and her address is Lolita Milova Komsomolska street, 68 Kovel Volins'ka oblast 45044, Ukraine Her phone is 00380951000702 She abused me and I sent her a 350 dollars and I have all the documents if u want it Please do something since I know that this site is a respectable site and this member is a bad image I will report all the sites and also for all the sites of scammers Thanks for your cooperation REDA

Status of report:  is still without proof

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