Scam report about Marina Grabova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Grabova
Age:  43
Location:  Ukraine Saki or Simferlopo
Address:  stroitelnaya
Phone:  oo380502215634
Email: /
On websites:  all of them
Report:  A little about the girl Marina who is just looking for money. i Started correspondence with above lady, fell in love with me in a couple of weeks, then poor girl didn't get a salary and wanted me to help with her correspondence. Did manage to send me some saucy photos to keep me interested. Had an email from her email address from a translation company giving me Marina address and their charges for the translation services. She then said she was out of work; but trying to get a job. She then stated to needed some kind of operation for women problems. Later she said she had cycsts in the ovaries. She always said she needed money for something. I decided to go visit, and she said she would meet me in Simferopol but she also said she live in Saki so i do not no to be honest. I had to book nice hotel and of course a lot of things for her. A lot of clothes because she would like to look nice for me and maybe a phone so she could ring me. So we meet and i had more to pay for like taxis and some money for her to get back home ok and would like to eat in nice restaurant and maybe some more clothes and jewellery and so on. Then by 2 or 3 days she had a big problem and her mum was a little ill and she had to buy things for her also. So could i help her ?? She was always interested in how much money I made. Luckily, I didn't reveal much, and returned home without telling her to much. Beware of this woman, she has a laundry list of guys she is in contact with through email, chat, and through the social networking sites. She always has cash on hand, and I am sure she is recieving money from other victims that think they are prospective suitors. She is just looking for money and a life like that so be carefull and do not send her things and money. She will also tell you that she loves you and will come and live with you ?? As long as you buy her things and do not what to have sex with her. She does not like to have sex but to be honest she is good at it and i think by the way she has had a lot. She got in to bed with me just after i give her some new clothes and said she will do all for me if i buy more. We where in bed all day long and she does all you ask. I got her some sexy lingerie and she like me and loved me so much for it. But in the end i went home and if i did not send her money for this and that it was the end of all things. She is not in love with you just the money you have. I do not think i was the 1st or last to do this and meet her here. But i think this is why she like to meet people in Simferlopo because she does not live there and you do not meeet her friends and she does not like you to talk to people. So i said fined some one with lots of money and i think she is still looking. So be careful out there with her. Also she tell you how she had money but you will not see one bit of it when you have some on you. .

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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