Scam report about Bonnie Scott

First name:  Bonnie
Last name:  Scott
Age:  31
Location:  County Hills Illinois USA
Report:  This name is jused by the scammers Awodele and OLluranti Adeyemi house 9 road 24 clem road Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Bonnie is from the USA and lookoing for Jewels and diamonds in Nigeria and beautifull. She is playing with unknown Europian men and she want t o marrie. She promised everthing.....but she must go for one last trip to nigeria for diamonds. In Nigeria she became in the problems with the goverment about tax. She got not enough money to pay and the goverment keep her there. The only way out is,if the europian man pay the tax for her, well and the tax is very big and truble for Bonnie became bigger and bigger. Becaurse she must stay in hotels without money so this must also beeing payed by her lover in Europe. Always by Western Union. She never come becaurse she don t excist, it are the two brothers Adeyemi.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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