Scam report about Britney Wayne

First name:  Britney
Last name:  Wayne
Aka:  Calinda Joe,Laura Bradley
Age:  26 to 29
Location:  Osun State Nigeria
On websites:  yahoo personals, singlesnet
Report:  how much did he say? Calinda Joe: I can't really say Calinda Joe: but he is saying will be up to 115 Dollars Tman: oh wow Calinda Joe: Can you just see honey Calinda Joe: Honey i don't know what to do now Tman: yes ok Calinda Joe: Honey im just fed up about mylife now food , no underwears and now another problem Calinda Joe: Honey i hate myself now Tman: honey Calinda Joe: Honey im fed Tman: don't hate yourself it will be ok Calinda Joe: fed up Calinda Joe: Honey where im going to get the money and your checks has not come yet Tman: honey not yet Calinda Joe: im fed up,. no food and what are im going to eat and now another great problem to mylife Tman: so you need $115 US Tman: ? Calinda Joe: Yes for the doctor to get me the medicine honey Calinda Joe: so that i can be okay and get to fit honey Tman: tell me the nedicine and exactly what he said Calinda Joe: That was what he said honey Calinda Joe: because im sad when he told me and i refused to collect the list of medicine honey Calinda Joe: But he told me that if i have the money that i can get from their hospital but where is the money to buy that honey? Tman: get the list from him honey first Calinda Joe: Okay honey should i go intime now and get the list from him honey? Calinda Joe: Honey and what should i tell him ?....honey are we going to pay the money ? Tman: yes honey but need the list and details first Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: I have to go there now and get that mylove Calinda Joe: should i? Tman: yes honey Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: i will be back Calinda Joe: i have to go there now and it may take me long to return you know is little far from here so i will have to take a cab down there honey Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Should i go now honey? Tman: yes honey Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: tell me you still love me honey Calinda Joe: ? Tman: I do love you honey! Calinda Joe: THank you honey and I love you so much Tman: I love you so much! Calinda Joe: i will be back when i am true at the hospital honey Calinda Joe: LOve you Dear !!! Tman: ok baby! Love you too honey! Calinda Joe: go honey im going there now Calinda Joe: bye for now honey!!!!!!!!!! Tman: bye for now Hide Recent Messages (F3) Calinda Joe: hello honey? Calinda Joe: im back BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: hi honey Calinda Joe: im just back now honey and i have got the list from the doctor BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello? Calinda Joe: honey? Tman: honey Tman: can I ask you Calinda Joe: What honey? Tman: where in Nigeria do you live? Calinda Joe: Ilesa Tman: oh ok couldn't remember Tman: sorry Tman: need water brb Calinda Joe: Okay honey BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Are you back honey? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: are you back now honey? Tman: yes but need to eat honey Tman: what did you find out? Calinda Joe: Yes the doctor has gave me the medicine list Calinda Joe: i have it with me now Calinda Joe: your i list them honey? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: ok what is it? Tman: what is the list honey? BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: NEXIUM - 40mg x 100, Upto 70% off Nexium-20mg, Alka Seltzer...36 tablets - Regular, Eno Antacid.....100 gram, 200 gram and 10 X 5 gram packets, Gas X Extra Strength Cherry Chew Tablets .....18 tablets Tman: how much for cost? Calinda Joe: and Ovol Adult Softgel....30 caplets Tman: ok Calinda Joe: and cost 116 dollars honey BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Hello? BUZZ!!! Tman: honey...what were your problems before you went to see the doctor? BUZZ!!! Tman: hello Calinda Joe: im not just feeling better in my body like i told you three days ago and i realise that my stomack small intestine and large intestine and liver are far-reaching Tman: far reaching? Calinda Joe: Yes honey because im not at myself when you are not online and i feel the symtoms of stomach problems BUZZ!!! Tman: were you having diarrheaa problems dear? Tman: acid reflux with your stomach or what? BUZZ!!! Tman: were you? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: can you answer me? Calinda Joe: honey im here Calinda Joe: what do you ask honey? Calinda Joe: im here i can see what you ask honey BUZZ!!! Tman: what exactly was the problems you were having before going to the doctor honey? Calinda Joe: im not at myself when you are not online and i feel the symtoms of stomach problems and Digestive disorders Tman: oh I see Calinda Joe: I have been getting cramps and stomach pains Tman: were you worried when you didn't see me online honey? Calinda Joe: Yes and i keep thinking that maybe you are very tied or doing something else honey Tman: doing what honey? Calinda Joe: maybe going to Bar and drinking Tman: why would you be worried I was doing that? Calinda Joe: Honey because you have a friend that has a Bar to what you told me Calinda Joe: and you may turn or change and join them drinking honey Tman: no honey my friend owns a restaurant not a bar honey Calinda Joe: im so worried about it honey Tman: and he doesn't serve alcohol there Calinda Joe: Okay are you sure? Tman: YES Honey! Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: So the Doctor said we can get all that medicine in there Hospital that is not necessary that i go to Medicine Store BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Hello? Tman: sorry got a drink Calinda Joe: Okay what drink again honwy Calinda Joe: hey BUZZ!!! Tman: ok so he could get you the medicine there? Calinda Joe: Yes he said he will when im ready and he said that i must try as possible to get them this week so that it don't lead to another thing else honey Calinda Joe: Hello? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Hello? Tman: sorry bathroom break Calinda Joe: honey what are you doing ?....It seems you are very bussy Or is it because im sick now? Tman: no baby Tman: how much de he say you need? cost? Tman: did Calinda Joe: I told you Calinda Joe: 116 Dollars Tman: ok Tman: will send it to you ASAP today honey Calinda Joe: Oh honey will you send it today ? Tman: yes Calinda Joe: Oh honey thank you so much Calinda Joe: God will Provide for you mylove !!!! Tman: don't want you to be sick honey Calinda Joe: Thank you mylove Calinda Joe: I love you Dear Tman: I love you too! Tman: honey what is your email address? Calinda Joe: Honey please can you make it up to 150 dollars so that i can have money to give to the cab driver? Calinda Joe: Tman: yes honey Tman: thanks Calinda Joe: Why do you ask my email honey? Tman: wanted to make sure I had it Calinda Joe: Okay honey Tman: where did you find me originally honey? Tman: what site? Tman: was just trying to remember Calinda Joe: Honey what are all these questions all about ?......anyway Yahoo Personals Tman: was just telling my friend about you and couldn't remember where we met. Which site? Calinda Joe: From Yahoo Personals Tman: oh yes Tman: thanks honey Calinda Joe: Alright honey Calinda Joe: when are you going to the store now honey? Tman: honey yes I need to Calinda Joe: and do you have the info with you Or you lost it again? BUZZ!!! Tman: Calinda Joe,Nigeria Tman: about all I need Tman: what kind of identification do you need to show? Tman: to pick up your money? Calinda Joe: My passport Calinda Joe: name ..........calinda joe country........nigeria state..........osun state city...........ilesa zip-code.......23406 Tman: yes dear Calinda Joe: and then Text question.... who is the name of first dog? Tman: i know Tman: sarge Calinda Joe: and answer ..........Sarge Tman: yes baby Calinda Joe: Okay honey Tman: honey.... Calinda Joe: honey hope im not stressing you honey? Calinda Joe: please honey don't be mad at me because i fall sick not my wish honey Tman: I know honey Tman: its ok Calinda Joe: Thank you honey Calinda Joe: how long long will you be back from store? Tman: can you email me copies of these receipts for the doctor Tman: need those for my records Calinda Joe: Yes i will scan it when we pay the money and buy the medicine honey Tman: ok thank you honey Calinda Joe: and that is why i said you should please make it up to 150 dollars so that i can have money to scan the reciept and to give to the cab driver Calinda Joe: Do you understand honey? Tman: yes honey Tman: I need some more pictures of you baby! Calinda Joe: Thank you love!!! Tman: can you scan those too? Calinda Joe: Okay i promise that i will take some news ones and scan them with the reciept honey Tman: ok honey..what will you be sending me? Calinda Joe: ? Calinda Joe: I don't understand honey Tman: I thought your camera was broken? Calinda Joe: Yes was broken but i can go to a studio and pay for a snap Tman: I mean I thought you sold it Tman: you told me you sold it honey! Calinda Joe: Yes my camera broke my heart how much i like it Calinda Joe: yes i did and now the camera has broken the likeness i have with it since i can see it again Calinda Joe: i mean can't BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Do you understand what i mean honey ?? Tman: are you being honest with me honey? Tman: don't lie to me honey! Calinda Joe: since i sold it is not longer mine Calinda Joe: that means is broken property Tman: I will find out if you are lying to me! Calinda Joe: what do you mean honey do i lie to you ? BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: No i did not lie ....i told you the camera has broken my interest to it and that all Tman: I DON'T WANT YOU TO EVER LIE TO ME HONEY! YOU MUST NOT EVER LIE TO ME! Calinda Joe: but i promise that i will take the now pic at a studio and scan with the reciept Tman: IF YOU LIE TO ME OR TRY TO SCAM ME I WILL REPORT YOU SO YOU WILL NEVER SCAM ANYONE EVER AGAIN!!1 Calinda Joe: HOney i will never lie to you .....maybe you don't understand what i mean by saying that the camera broken my interest Tman: I DON'T LIKE BEING LIED TO!!!! Calinda Joe: Honey why would i ? Tman: ALWAYS TELL ME THE TRUTH!!! Calinda Joe: Yes honey and i will forever tell you the trust Calinda Joe: I promise i will take new pics and scan with the reciept honey Tman: OK HONEY!! Tman: IF YOU ARE LYING TO ME I WILL BE SO UPSET AND NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN!!!! Calinda Joe: After i pay the money and get all the medicine i will take the pics and scan with the hospital reciept honey Tman: SO...ARE YOU TELLING ME THE TRUTH? Calinda Joe: Honey yes i agree with you mylove because i know that i am faithful and tells the truth to you Calinda Joe: Yes honey I did tell you the Truth Tman: OK Tman: HONEY... Calinda Joe: Yes Darling!!! Tman: WILL YOU WEAR SOMETHING SEXY FOR MY PICS? Calinda Joe: Oh honey you know im going to a studio to take the pics so do you want anyone to see me naked? Tman: I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE NAKED Calinda Joe: But if is a woman i met there i can tell it but if is a man i will just take it Tman: JUST MAYBE A LOW CUT DRESS OR BLOWSE Tman: AND CUTE PANTS OR JEANS Tman: Ok honey? Calinda Joe: Yes okay Tman: will you do that for me? Calinda Joe: I promise that honey Calinda Joe: Yes i will do that honey Tman: ok honey thank you!! Calinda Joe: No i must to say thank you honey not you Tman: honey Tman: you always make me long for you and horny when we talk Calinda Joe: HOney you are mylife and i must do what please you Tman: can't wait to see you Calinda Joe: I need to care for you so much so that you don't look at another woman there Tman: are you sure you are not in New York honey? Tman: yes you do honey Calinda Joe: HOney yes you know where i am Tman: your profile says New York honey Calinda Joe: Nigeria Tman: why does it say that? Calinda Joe: Yes that is where i was born Calinda Joe: i can't claim here Calinda Joe: im Originated from usa and that is my country and you myhusband is also there and im happy that i will be with you there soon Tman: and you've been in Nigeria how long now? Calinda Joe: im here since last year Tman: oh ok Calinda Joe: you knew this before honey Tman: yes but forgot Tman: sorry honey Tman: can you do something else for me honey ? Calinda Joe: What is that honey Tman: when you scan the pictures will you scan your passport info for me too so I will have it? Calinda Joe: Yes i will if that is what you want Tman: for when you are to arrive Calinda Joe: i will get them scan too honey Tman: and your Nigeria I.D. Tman: these will help me prepare for your arrival Calinda Joe: I will Tman: good! thank you my love! Calinda Joe: so that you can prepare for my coming honey Tman: yes honey! Calinda Joe: No honey i must say thank you Tman: so honey how many pictures are you going to send me? Calinda Joe: Honey i can't say but depends on the remaining money i have left after paying for the medicine cost and cab driver cost Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Thank you honey !!!! Tman: honey you won't be able to pick the medicine up b4 tomorrow will you? Tman: you're welcome honey Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: Yes i can still pick them up if you can send in time now Calinda Joe: and after i get the medicine i will not come home till i take the pics and scan all what i surpose to scan honey BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello honey? Tman: ok honey sounds good Calinda Joe: Should i wait online till you come back from Western union? Tman: until what? Tman: before you go? Calinda Joe: I don't understand honey BUZZ!!! Tman: I will go to W/U in the morning if thats ok? Calinda Joe: honey can't you go now ? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: isn;t it too late for you to be going now my love? Calinda Joe: Yes is late now but honey i want it now so that i can pick it up in the morning here and get the pics and scans Tman: OK i WILL GO IN A BIT OK? Calinda Joe: If you send it now and give me the MTCN i will just go and get everything done in early morning honey Tman: OK WILL GO IN A LIL BIT OK Calinda Joe: OKay honey Calinda Joe: Thank you myhusband Calinda Joe: and please honey drive safe when you are going and very careful honey Tman: I WILL HONEY Tman: THANK YOU Calinda Joe: don't over speed !!!! Tman: I WON'T HONEY Calinda Joe: im surpose to say thank you not you honey Tman: OH OK Calinda Joe: And don't look at anywoman honey Tman: I WON'T HONEY Tman: MY EYES ARE FOR YOU ONLY HONEY! Calinda Joe: promise me that honey Calinda Joe: ? Tman: YES HONEY! Calinda Joe: i love you myhusband and i will allways love you] Tman: I LOVE YOU TOO MY WIFE! Calinda Joe: thank you so much honey Tman: So what is my wife wearing now? Calinda Joe: jean and shirt...i just want to take it off now and wear my nighty honey Calinda Joe: honey what you wear now? Tman: sport shirt and boxers Calinda Joe: Good honey] Tman: do you have your nighty on now? Calinda Joe: honey do you want me to put it in now? BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: honey i have put it on now BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hney are you there? Tman: YES AM HERE Calinda Joe: okay Tman: SORRY comp slow Calinda Joe: okay honey..... BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: HONEY... BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: honey what is happening to your computer? Tman: i=I AM HERE Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: Honey what are you wearing too? Tman: You never told me what u r wearing now? Tman: I'm in sports shirt and boxers Calinda Joe: when will you go so that you can come back intime and talk little bit before you fall at sleep honey Calinda Joe: you ask me to go and off and put on the nighty gawn Calinda Joe: and i did Tman: YOU DID Tman: OK GOOD! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Yes honey Calinda Joe: when are you honey so that you can come back home in time ? BUZZ!!! Tman: i'M GOING TO GO NOW OK? Tman: GEEZ!!! Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: i will have to shower now and i will come back on waiting on you to come back honey Tman: you are an impatient one aren't you? Tman: you might want to wait to shower after I return don't you think? Tman: after we talk Tman: you might get wet when we talk you know? Calinda Joe: Okay honey i will wait till you come back before i shower then so that we can talk before i shower honey Tman: then you will need to shower again Calinda Joe: yes i know so i will wait till you come back from W-U before shower then Dear !!! Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Are you happy with that honey Calinda Joe: ? Tman: yes Calinda Joe: Thank you honey Calinda Joe: I Love You Honey !!!!!! Tman: I Love You too honey!!! Calinda Joe: So im waiting till you come back honey and Drive safe honey Calinda Joe: please be very caution while driving honey !!!! Tman: YES HONEY I WILL! STOP WORRYING!!!!!!!!!! Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: Honey should i go and clean a mess i have and relax on the bed for while till you come back? Tman: yes you should Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: don't take long to come back so that we can talk before i shower honey Calinda Joe: I love you Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Honey im leaving the computer now Calinda Joe: buzz me when you come back honey Tman: OK YOU ARE LEAVING YOURSELF ONLINE? Calinda Joe: Yes should i OR sign off? Tman: YOU CAN STAY ONLINE Calinda Joe: Okay Calinda Joe: are you also going now? Calinda Joe: will you sign off? Tman: YES IN JUST A MINUTE HONEY Tman: I WILL SIGN OFF IN A MINUTE HONEY Calinda Joe: Okay Calinda Joe: bye for now honey and don't stay long to come back Tman: BYE FOR NOW HONEY TTY SOON Calinda Joe: ok BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: Calinda Joe: BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello honey? BUZZ!!! Tman: I have to tell you you are a sly one!!! Calinda Joe: What do you mean honey? Tman: it's amazing what one can find when they do a little research! You know??? Calinda Joe: what do you mean Calinda Joe: i don't understand what you mean BUZZ!!! Tman: Miss Calind Joe...aka Laura Bradley???? Calinda Joe: tell me what you mean Tony Tman: Calinda Calinda Joe: what is laura Bradley? Calinda Joe: what is this ? Tman: its a shame someone as pretty as you can be so dark inside!!! Tman: to have scammed so many men out of so much money!!!!! Tman: Then to use God and the Bible against me to try and scam me!!!!! Tman: YOU LAURA BRADLEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! Tman: I'VE SEEN WHERE YOU HAVE SCAMMED SO MANY MEN !!!!! Tman: YOU ARE GOOD I WILL GIVE YOU THAT!!!!! Calinda Joe: well....i want you to know that ma not the type of woman you atr thingking about Tman: WHATEVER!!!! Tman: STOP LYING TO GOD AND TO ME!!!!!! Tman: I KNOW THE TRUTH!!! Calinda Joe: i can't do that fir you honey Tman: YOU ARE CAUGHT!!!!!! Tman: I WILL LET EVERYONE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Tman: YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A COMMON THIEF!!!!!! Calinda Joe: what are you talking abut? Tman: DEFRAUDING INNOCENT MEN OUT OF THEOR MONEY Tman: THEIR Tman: YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF WOMAN!!!!!!! Calinda Joe: is it beacause im sick? dont need to lie to me Tman: LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Tman: I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING Tman: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calinda Joe: what do you mean by all this? Tman: STOP LYING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tman: I KNOW THE SCAM!!!!! Tman: STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! Calinda Joe: im not lie to you honey Tman: QUIT TRYING TO CONTINUE SCAMMING ME!!!! Tman: I AM DONE!!!!!! Calinda Joe: i just doent know what you are really talking about Calinda Joe: what scam? Tman:

Status of report:  is still without proof

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