Scam report about Bonnie Scott

First name:  Bonnie
Last name:  Scott
Age:  31
Location:  County Hills Illinois USA
Report:  This person is living in Illinois USA and her profession should be trader in jewels and diamonds. She is alone and looking for a man. She makes contact by dating-sites with victims to tell them that she is impressed about the person and want more from the person. She send pics from her self and that are beautifull pics. After a few mails she tells her victim that she loves him and thats she will do everything to be with him and she gots enough money and she will visit her victim in Europe and mariie with him. But on her way to Europe she visit first Africa for her business. She must get some jewels and diamonds clear in Nigeria. The next day after this kind off mail she is allready in Lagos Nigeria, everything is going well she cleared the diamomds but when she want to leave the country the goverment catch her becaurse she must pay tax and its a lot off tax. She don't have the money and without paying the govermentofficers don't let her fly. So she ask her victim to sent money to Nigeria by Western Union and after sending everthing will be allright. But after sending the problems starts again becaurse she must also pay her hotel and new tax so she must still stay in Lagos Nigeria if she don't pay the new bill and so on and so on. She begins to push and cry in her mails for help and for trust becaurse everthing will be allright if the money is payed by the victim and also by Western Union or Moneygrams. Afterall she will never come becaurse she don't excist. The person behind this is Awodele Adeyemi and his brother Olunranti Adeyemi. They are jusing the e-mail adress or Also is there a person with the name Farida Waziri, she is playing the chief off the govermentorganisation EFCC. which staying for Economic and Financial Crime Commission.But also this is fake and a part off the complot. This kind off people must be found becaurse they are still playing with a lot off victims in Europe.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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