Scam report about Audrey Baines

First name:  Audrey
Last name:  Baines
Age:  31
Location:  Bacchus Marsh Australia
On websites:
Report:  I made contact with this one as she was relatively close by, and recevied a reply the next day with her email address. When I went to look at her profile again, it had been deleted, which made me suspicious straight away. Sure enough she's not even in this country, but claims to be in America, but want's to come here once a court settlement is given in Spain over her late fathers estate. (How odd ! I smell a scam coming on here, let me guess, there's been a hold up with settlement and she needs my help - money, to get it released, or something like that). Call me cynical, but the next email to arrive was the standard questioniare. So a terse reply was sent informing them that if they had read my profile then some of their questions were already answered. She then had the gaul to reply insinuating that I had been deceptive. A couple of weeks later she appeared on the same site using a different photo of the same woman, but listed in a different location. I reported this to match, and they deleted her profile.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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