Scam report about Sharon Roberta

First name:  Sharon
Last name:  Roberta
Report:  I was looking into buying chipmunks and I saw a post she had put about giving away 2 chipmunks. I emailed her and asked about it and she wrote back with this sad story about her daughter dying in an accident 2 weeks ago and how she wanted to get rid of the chipmunks because they reminded her of her daughter. The first email seemed normal and she asked for my information and i didn't give all my information out. Just my name and number at first. I told her that i had children and for my safety and theirs, I told her that i didn't want to give out my address until we were more in the process of buying the chipmunks. The emails started to get kind of weird. When she would write emails they started getting kind of sloppy. Like maybe it was someone from another country that wasn't completely fluent in english. Like skipping little words here and there. So, the next morning she said she wanted my address and I was still somewhat skeptical but she would say things like,

Status of report:  is still without proof

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