SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Venissa scott

First name: Venissa
Last name: scott
Age: 30?
Location: LA california USA/ London UK Canada /Spain?
On websites: was on face book, same PHOTO then Deleted
Report:     went by Venissa Scott,,Facebook last year ,,She stated was in california at her aunts, claims to be,, sisters/friends with a Racheal Watford in UK now who looks like Debbie Williams, claims living with a melissa Collins who supposed to work at the UK Jacob House Lotto, KENT UK,(IP.212,199.184.20), Have been seeking Info about a Racheal Watford who uses Melissa Collins Computer at IP that they claim was recently shut down , I have relayed with Racheal Watford. Travel agents banking agents,USA,UK, Canada have info Ips Phone # ect.. have tried to get assistances and No one seems to care about Scammers as some IP addresses trace to the Microsoft HQ in Washington State USA??
Status of report: is still without proof