Scam report about Anya Rishal Petrovna

First name:  Anya Rishal
Last name:  Petrovna
Age:  21
Location:  Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
Phone:  +998974912135 Keeps changing phone numbers. And or keeping it turned off,
Email: (not always working, possibly changed again)
On websites:  yes but unknown
Report:  I first met this Lady at a international dating agency call BaikaL in Tashkent, Uzbekistan,in December 2007. However I have not been able to find it on the net, as I psychically when there myself, and I am now told it has changed hands. When I get back to Tashkent, I will go to see the new owners and find out if the name has changed. I have known Anya Rishal Petrovna for over two years and could write a book on her. So I shall just give you the facts instead. This Lady's Scam for money is simple. Get you completely hooked and believing She is going to marry you. Even if that means moving you into her mothers one bedroom flat and sleeping with you on the sofa bed. Get engaged to you and then tell you that she will apply for your next visa. You leave the country expecting she will make you the next visa when you are ready to return. And while all the time you are sending her money. The visa never comes ! She will tell you she is trying so hard to make it, but the Uzbekistan authority's are stopping the issue of your visa for one reason or another. (twice now since I met her I have made my own visa and found it to be straight forward, it takes about three weeks). While she has been making excuses for five months why it is not ready. While keeping you out the country she is dating other foreigners and local men. Anya told me she had been given a lot of money from an Australian man when I first met her. When I asked why he had not visited her, she just replied that he told her he was too busy and did not have the time. This Lady is an expert at convincing you she is telling the truth, But later the true story is completely different. Great at putting on tears, crying and again later on you find out it is just a total scam. Anya Rishal Petrovna managed to take me for about nearly a total of $ 20,000 USD. I have no idea how many other men she is trying this scam on.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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