Scam report about AWULATU ABDUL RAHMAN

First name:  AWULATU ABDUL
Last name:  RAHMAN
Aka:  Zinnah Emannuel
Age:  30
Location:  Acra Ghana 00233
Address:  Kanda High Way Str 152
Phone:  233-541-826-287
On websites:
Report:  Zinnah Emannuel, my fiance had been alerted as being kidnapped in Accra en route The Kidnappers are demanding I pay them $1,000 USD to them through Zinnah uncle to the USA by her uncle. She was allegedly carrying 80 kg of gold billion and The Kidnappers were demanding I pay them $1,000 USD to them through Zinnah 's uncle. Eventually she was release and all the cold recovered after 1 month. She now wants $1500 for her mother for a traditional Ghana marriage before she come s to the US. She is very persistent so watch OUT for her. I have SEEN HER LIVE ON WEB CAM AND CAN VERIFY SHE IS THE REAL Raven Riley former porn star. She will do anyhing she can to get as much money as she can.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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