Scam report about Tina Bruce

First name:  Tina
Last name:  Bruce
Aka:  Debbie Tina Thompson
Age:  29
Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 USA
Address:  150 South 700 East Street, Apt 14
Phone:  no phone; no money to pay phone bill
On websites:
Report:  I saw Tina Bruce at Yahoo! Personals, wrote her, and she wrote me back, four days later, with a long letter, '12' pictures of herself, and she appeared on my Yahoo! Messenger chat at 2:30 am, Utah time, where she said she lived, when I was sleeping at 3:30 am Illinois time. I chatted her up the next day, and she professed her love for me, almost at once, and asked if I could help with money. The next day, she asked for money again, and I typed out: 'Money, Money, Money', and she typed: '? ? ?', and that was the end of the contact.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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