Scam report about Ilmira 

First name:  Ilmira
Age:  23
Location:  Russia, Arkhangel'sk
On websites:
Report:  I think this mail says it all: Hello my dear Josua! Thank you for your answer. It seems to me that we know each other for a long time. I become used to your letters and every day when I wake up in the morning, my first thought is about you and your letters. I run to my work at home and check my e-mail box. And can you imagine what I feel when see your lette?. I start reading it at once. When I answer you, I feel so free and easy that can tell you everything without shyness. If we continue corresponding in such a way, we will be able to know everything about each other very soon. Marco, can you give me your telephone number? I would like to call you one day to hear your voice. Unfortunately I don’t have the cell phone where you can call me. It was broken last week and now it is being repaired. Marco, when I read your letters, I understand that we have much in common though we are living in different countries. I think it is our fate. The destiny brought us together. I am happy to have such a friend like you. I want to meet you one day. I think when it happens, we will spend good time together. What do you like to do when you meet your friends? As for me and my friends usually we go to the cinema or can have a cup of tea or coffee at the cafe talking about life, men, shopping and so on. I so like shopping. I think that every woman like it most of all. And as far as I know men hate it and especially hate to accompany their girlfriends when they go shopping. Am I right? Have you ever been married? Why did you divorce? I have never been married because I haven’t met worthy man yet. My mom says that if I don’t find him as soon as possible, I can stay alone forever. But I don’t believe it. I think I shouldn’t hurry because I don’t want to divorce then. I want to find the only man whom I will love forever and whom I will stay forever with. I don’t know. Maybe I think like a little girl but it is my opinion and my life and I want to live as I want and I want to think as I want. I still believe that I will meet this man. In my opinion if we believe in something, we will get it by all means. I believe in beautiful love. I haven’t loved anybody yet. And I so want to love and be loved. It is my dream and I hope that it will happen soon. And what about you? Did you love anybody? And why your love was destroyed? I think that when I find my second half, I will make everything possible not to loose our love. Of course, not everything will depend on me. Two people always take part in relationship. And I think that if they want to save them, they should always develop them and always remember why they are together. I heard that love fades away with time. So it is very important to respect each other and treat each other with tender and understanding. And in this case I think the relationship won’t be broken off. Do you agree with me? Maybe it will seem to you to be strange that I think about it now when I didn’t even meet my second half. I just don’t want to marry and divorce several times. I want one time and forever. But I understood that it is not easy, so I try to prepare myself for serious relationship right now. I want to be the best wife. That’s why I learn cooking because I don’t want my husband to feel hungry. I also go to the gym and try to keep my body in form that my man can admire it every day. Your girl Ilmira

Status of report:  is still without proof

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