Scam report about Debra Heavens

First name:  Debra
Last name:  Heavens
Age:  40
Location:  Lagos, Lagos Nigeria
On websites:  Yahoo personals
Report:  I met Debra Heavens on yahoo personals in February 2010 We talked for a while and made plans to meet after numerous emails back and fourth and talking on yahoo chat and telling me how much she adores me, that's when she told me the story about meeting a woman online who she became attractive to,asked her to come an visit her in Lagos Nigeria and she said that she promised her she would, she did,but she said that when she finally got there,the woman left the hotel to buy dinner for them to eat and she said she got word from the hotel staff that her lady friend has been in a terrible car accident and she had to rush to the hospital to be by her side. she also told me that she had to use the money she had to help save her life, and after she did that she pass away two days later. So she had no more money to pay her hotel bill which she said was 893.00. She made phone calls to me from Nigeria and we talked on the phone. I noticed she kept asking for money, first to help pay the hotel bill, and then to help send her money for food. when she realized i wasn't going to do that, she cussed me out and wrote not so good emails to me and I confronted her with her lies, and two days after that she erased her yahoo address and her yahoo personals profile, she's no where to be found. I would like to thank you for having this website to report things like this about people like her.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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