Scam report about Osumanu Fairy

First name:  Osumanu
Last name:  Fairy
Aka:  Osu
Age:  28
Location:  Ghana, Accra
Report:  New name and same old scam. Her name is now Osumanu Fairy and her father died. She graduae as an accountant but work as a florist from Accra Ghana. Beware! Her email is How do I know her as scammer, well in part thanks to this site so I use a different email account to chat with her. She claim she is single even though she agree to be my g/f from other email address. She also have no problem asking for money and come to meet me even though she never see my face. here is the chat we had (me as my alter ego) Block Sender Osu is Available Me: hi thee there Osu : yes Me: remember me? Osu : yes Osu is Available Me: cool so still looking for love? Osu : yes i am looking for love Me: ic..too bad u r too far away from me Osu : yes Me: otherwise I would like to take you out for a date Osu : ok but i am far Me: yeah btw..didn't say u gonna send me pic? Osu : what Me: u said u send me pic last we chat Osu : i was trying to share with u cos my connection is not good bt u didnt accept them Me: I didn't get any invite I don't use yahoo messenger I chat within yahoo email Osu : what do u use oh ok u have to sign in on yahoo cos my connection is very bad and cant send pics Me: can't u email it? Osu : yes Me: email ur pic to me then..please Osu : i said my connection is bad and i cant send them cos i have to attach them first Me: ok..too bad Osu : yes Me: there anyone u r interest ed in or vice versa? Osu : no i dont have anyone yet Me: icic.. why don't come to the state then we can go on a date U.S is way better than Ghana anyway that where u r right>? sorry if I get the country wrong Osu : well i dont have the money to travel now so if u can help me that will be fine i will come to u Me: how can I help? Osu : send me some money for my papers Me: what kind of paper? and how much it cost? Osu : passport visa and plane ticket passport will cost 146$ thats what i need first to goand ask about the rest Me: only 146 for all three wow I thought plane tiket would cost alot more Osu : yes i said 146 for passport only then i will go and ask about the rest (visa and plane ticket Me: u cannot even afford to pay for passport? how much do u thnk u will need? Osu : yes cos my job does not pay well i said passport will cost 146$ Me: i know but can u estimate how much everything cost? Osu : and i need to make that first before i can go and ask about the price of the rest everything will cost about 2000 2000$ will u help me Me: can I ask u a question first Osu : yes Me: so u have no problem flying half way around the world meeting a stranger without even seeing his face first? Osu : i have no problem with that cos i think bad for anybody if i come and u do bad to me only God will know what to do to u Me: that very brave of you... Osu : are you busy? Me: no why? Osu : why do u take long before replying me ..i hate that Me: I have other friend to reply to Osu : ok so are you going to help me or not Me: I have prolbme sending money to stranger but let me ask my friend MIke see if he is willing to help Osu : ok thats cool Me: do u know anyone name mike? Osu : no Me: oic.. oh well.. well..he just reply me.. no go as well.... Osu : what Me: too bad.. Osu : ok bye here is the email she sent to my other persona Yeah i like a lotta colors are you also my boy friend now ? i dont like people who are liar and disapoint cos that makes me go real crazy in my life .i dont like people who lie so i dont lie to anybody,i will say what ever it is cos that wont kill or hurt me neither that will let me loose something.i hope everything is fine with you as well as your job .it will be real good to get to meet you cos i am also looking forward to that,i know you wont travel but i wil do when i get money for that ok ..take care --- On Fri, 3/26/10, Mike To: 'Osu' Date: Friday, March 26, 2010, 12:22 AM Hi Osu, Glad to hear to agree to be my g/f. I like that, I look forward to the day we meet. :) Wow you like ot of colour huh. I like to go to the beach too, too bad there is not beach where I am. :( So what is your biggest pest pee. Mine is liar and hyprocrite. I despise those kind of people, I would not even say hi to them. So How was your day? mine was very boring, there was not much to do at work so the day went by so slow, I like my job but there are days I rather go home. Well gotta go now.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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