Scam report about Jean Campbell

First name:  Jean
Last name:  Campbell
Age:  34
Location:  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
On websites:
Report:  we met on the sight and chatted for over a month and then one day she asked me if I would like for her to visit me I said yes and she said ok I will go and get tickets to fly over with her 7 year old son. she at no time asked me for money up to this time and then it happened I was asked for $600.00 so she could sort out stuff what I dont know. I told her that she should find the money herself but she beged me and I gave in and sent her the money and in return she sent me confirmation of a singapore airline ticket that would take her to Australia and she told me this was the only she could find and would be flying out on friday to Adelaide which was 5000 kilometers from me so I sent her a map of Australia to show her that I was at the other end of Australia and she neened to get a flight to cairns . A couple of days later I was asked for $1600.00 so she rebook flights to cairns. I said no you find the money as you have already taken $600.00 from me. she then said I am going to find another way and would get back to me to which did . she sent me an orbitz electronic (e ticket)at a cost of $804.00 us dollars I was then told that she spent all the money to buy the ticket and had no money to buy a ticket for her son and told me to send money to buy a ticket for her son. I printed out the ticket for her and took it to a locai travel centre and they confermed with me it was orhtentic so I sent her the money . the next thing I know I am told the day before the flight that she had over stayed her viesa and to get there passports she had to pay up $1000.00 us dollars to get them back and that she did not wont to wast the tickets so I sent her the money in return I was told by her that she would pay it back to me when she got here. on the day of the flight I was asked if I could send $500 to her for the trip in case of emergancy I tild her that today was a public holiday and I could not help and that was the last I have ever heard from her. 2

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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