Scam report about Anna Vovchok

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Vovchok
Aka:  Ganna , Anya,
Age:  20
Phone:  CELL +380663565772, HOME +3806426530 n
Email:  E-mail(s): ,BLDIAMONDA74, , , many others uknown.
On websites:  Website: Anastasia Web, Glory Club, Hot russian brides, many others unknown.
Report:  Other Information: She is working through Glory Club, information about them is that the girls take %30 of the money you send for gifts, letters, and other things like travel. Typical Lugansk case scenario. Don’t go there at all. This girl, is a fake, she \’photo shopped\’making it fake. Offence. Her Ukrainian pass, making her older than what she was, she lied too many times for anyone. Has multiple guys on the go, for trips around the world. Taking what ever she can get her hands on, money for studies, spending money YOUR money, getting anything. Cheap Lugansk user she is…. very sad. I have more information on her if you need it. DO NOT TRUST THIS GIRL AT ALL. BIG LIE, doe not deserve anything. I have pictures of her passport and pass.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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