Scam report about Julia Yulia Razumova

First name:  Julia Yulia
Last name:  Razumova
Aka:  Bonita Demas
Age:  20
Location:  Ukraine, Kherson
Email: ;
On websites: ;
Report:  Lists on various web sites claiming to look for a foreign husband. Never asks directly for money is is always complaining about being mistreated by the parents who don't give her money to study at university. Claims parents threw her out and now she lives with abusive relatives. Uses many other subtle little ways to gain the foreign man's sympathy to send her money. Not afraid to use her looks and sexuality to enable her scam. Beware: She has STD's (syphilis and genital herpes) and freely has unprotected sex and has passed it onto her victims.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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