Scam report about Alena Korepanova

First name:  Alena
Last name:  Korepanova
Age:  23
Location:  Russia Izhevsk
On websites:  Eradating
Report:  I have been in contact with this girl for a long time, and She seems very nice. She have send kopi of passport and International pasport, and Visa. She tell stories about Her mother and a Astma attack and She are working on a hospital. I have talk in telefon with Her, but the English is very bad. I have found out that the Pasport was fake, the telefon number was also temperary. The best is that I wanted Her to send a Photo where She is holding some of the photos I send to Her...She did it and it was very convincent...I have send 400 Euros and in the end I found out that She was not telling the true. But still She wanted me to book a ticket to Her, the evel in that was that She did not get the money in the hand, I wanted to pay in online and She needed to go to the airport and get it. But still She wanted me to pay.... even She did not get the money.... But I did not pay thanks Good ....and the money I send is gone and I have learn a lesson ;) Best regards Niels Andersen

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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