Scam report about Claudia Dadzie

First name:  Claudia
Last name:  Dadzie
Aka:  Pamela Gibson
Age:  27
Location:  lagos nigeria
Address:  10 balina street
Phone:  +2348062148678
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  First sends a message using facebook. Stating she is single and says you are good looking and wants to get to know you. Says she loves you and has found her soulmate. Without even speaking to you. Pretty funny. So i toy with this person for a little bit. she sends pics which are already on this site. Says she is u.s. citizen and fled with her mother to nigeria to get away from her abusive father that made her drop out of college. Really. why not move to new york or florida. says she is from california. Not very smart. Asks you to send her some money to buy food because she is hungry. Oh and also, she goes to school at the univerisity of lagos and studies culinary. Then starts sending you several lude pictures to try to convince you she is real. So I asked her to send a picture with her holding a current newspaper from over there with my name written on it. She sends a picture generated from paint shop with scribble that can barely be read. After you bust her she says she is crying and would like to jump in the ocean because you don't believe her.Too funny. So what do i do. I keep it going. I told her I would send her a pre paid card and she says no because they don't use credit cards in Nigeria. Oh it gets better. Also says she has no i.d to use pre paid card only after she just said that the whole country of nigeria doesn't use credit cards. Then she says she cant wait to be your wife and have lots of babies and make you happy. when you tell her you will not send money she tells you that you are starving her to death by not sending her money. Tells you why dont you love her. I mean come on. where do these idiots come from. I enjoy having fun with these people. its fun playin this game with these idiots. Just your modern day thief.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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