First name: JULIA
Age: 29
Location: Nikolaev -Ukraine
On websites: Anstazia international dating serrvice
Report:     This girl is dating more 20 persons a years , I strongly believe that her way of making a living, although she claimed that she has a full time job. We went to a Sushi restaurant as all Ukrainian girls like this Japanese food, she ordered what she likes and she asked : you should wash your hands, of course I did ,it make sense , it happened that my wallet was in my coat, I was not worry ,but when I came back from the men’s room I noticed that the coat was not in the initial place slightly moved , we ate in my to the hotel I checked my wallet , so no thing was missing .I came back to the USA , and the first minute I turned on my cell I find a message from my bank asking me to contact them , effectively I called them back , the agent asked me if I performed a $ 5000 transaction online ? I said no, immediately I recalled what happened in the sushi restaurant, it looks like she took note of my credit card number and tried to order something online.
Status of report: is still without proof