SCAM REPORT ABOUT  hanna marfo

First name: hanna
Last name: marfo
Location: ghana
On websites: emails,she on yahoo instant messenger few other emailing her-i think shes on some site
Report:     These got dam scammers need be stopped i know a way now if you want to know someone use a webcam and they use one thats show they real cause the person you email could be a dude or crook wanting money.well hanna she claims be in gold bar business she scam the fire out of you and lie and she dont write good english she show you photos of gold look so real and she lie on god like fire for cash she swear her life,also she claim be asian from thailand but whom you know have a name like that in thai,also she dont answer you or tell you much,if folks would stop sending these bastards money instead making them rich see if they con just a 100 people to send them 1,000 each or more they rich if they got a crew they make millions.i was lied to scam out 500us plus fees by hanna also i was scam long ago by some guy and his mom wanting some funds to get me a box full of cash.i told moneygram they said never send anyone any funds by moneygram unless you kin to them cause all this is scams gold bars,boxes full of cash and money transfer all lies also if you play a lotto you win you dont have pay any fees to the agency they pay you cause if they ask you for fees its a real scam.these motherfuckers scammers rip over billion dollar a year off of folks cause dateline and oprah did a report on it,all scams mostly in nigeria-ghana its some in all africa and all nations got them,if a bitch want to see you tell her come to you on her own if she do then its ok to give her some money.i am mad i needed that money well god aint going play with them when he began his world on earth soon he going end wars and destroy all weapons and set his laws-decrees seen in amos-micah plus we all change ones to him and ones to lucifer and nations shall get orders from angels they will end the illumanti and sects there be nomore faiths and marriages nomore illness-sickness also death end and god rule the earth destroy the atom smasher and other weapons also he give law we want eat allkinds meats anymore only certain foods such as fish,be new change cause christ says unless the father do something all shall perish but cause elect ones he do something began the crystal empire promised
Status of report: is still without proof