SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Fatihi Mohammed

First name: Fatihi
Last name: Mohammed
Aka: Blessing410
Age: 26
Location: Accra
Address: 16705-- 7th Hill st. Accra 00233
Phone: says no phone number
On websites: yahoo and ,msn messenger
Report:     she's a charmer lol I'm just siitn' back waiting.. she mentioned she did not love me for my money but needs money too get to Toronto where I am currently..I told her I would set up a refundable (on my end) ticket for her and she said ok..NOT Gonna Happen.. but I want to keep going and see where it leads me..she does yahoo messenger at that email address...give here a shot see where you go..I can pay for my membership ..sincerely
Status of report: is still without proof