Scam report about Matilda Anaba

First name:  Matilda
Last name:  Anaba
Aka:  esther ansomaa, mumuni zulfawu, zuwieratu, sani, hamza, salim alhassan, kenny, juliana teena osman, mariam charley, wanita bricks, mariam hicks, lily osie, rose, bella, rama alijumah, tracy amos, selma emmanuel, hidir mohammed, mary andersan, rose da
Age:  32
Location:  accra ghana
Phone:  most recent
On websites:  mate 1, seen on lots more
Report:  she claims her mother died...ya right she uses her son as a go between very quick to fall in love wants money for almost every thing says she lives with her uncle!! and her baby daddy died in car crash in the states and know his family wants the boy, ya right i think her uncle is her baby daddy... if you ask me she good very demanding and pushy when comes to getting money i hope other people see this before sending this bitch any money she got money from my dad he paid for a wedding ceremony or god know what... and then gave her money for a ticket to canada for her and her son she then got arrested in amsterdam with some gold bricks lol and now wants my dad to bail her out well after only 3000.00 more she will be let go then she can come and be with him... give me abreak chick... fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you know i will make it my mission to make sure i find you on every site follow you and warn everyone i can.... by the off chance you are caught i hope you rott there for all the men you hurt with your stupid antics, honest is not her virtue she's a liar and thinks peple are stupid my dad is upset how could she take money from all these men people who are single fathers people who dip into their investment savings all for a real chance at love or so she claims, I think e harmony is your best bet fella's or maybe try your local grocerie store or libarary you might find someone decent and honest there

Status of report:  is still without proof

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