First name: RHoda
Last name: Mends
Aka: Jennifa Dzifah Anani
Age: 31
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233279780321
On websites: in Finland,not anymore
Report:     That Lady is Jennifa Anani and writes to me: Dear Reino, I have been to the bank since morning and they have give me information to have access to my late father money which he use my name as password to the account of $4.5Million Dollars, You can also have it and crosscheck over there yourself via the details as below, just login as follow: Access Code: 86xxxxxx User Name: aleksiepirres7 Password: xxxxx After you have check it, i will suggest that you contact our family lawyer to assist us with Change of onwnership documents and send to me your full bank account details for me to submit it to bank to transfer all this money into your bank account at Finland, so that you can help me to invest it to get more profit in the near future. Please see below the contact of lawyer. Barrister Robert Barbers Principal Partner(Robert Barbers and Associate) Office Address:40 new town street,Accra Ghana west Africa Tel: 00233 (20)8843046. Jennifa Dzifah Anani city:...................Accra. country..................Ghana. zipcode..................00233. home Address. ... Money was in that bank acout 4.5 bill usd!! But is that bank real bank or fake also?? She has told to me that want to come into Finland, because her father has been finish citizen and moved into ghana as she was 4 y old. Now he is dead (4 year ago) and left money on his bank acount. She send copy about her passport and I checked her pass from Finish Nigeria embassy and they told that it was fake. I was angry to her. She said that have got it from trawelling office. I had sendid already before that money to her wia Western Union for her new passport about 380 €+ health etc. searhed 900 € before coming into Finland. After that she have asked money for tickets to fly in Finland, for food, for internet connections etc. Also promised to me etc grazy ideas as asked me come to Accra and go married with her. I can send her passport on this site. I have also send to Ghana Police department all details about her but getting yet no answer from them. Is she living in Accra??Or another country?? Can I get my money back?? I am shame now?? Why we men will believe this kind of women?
Status of report: is still without proof