Scam report about Victoria Adam

First name:  Victoria
Last name:  Adam
Aka:  Vikki
Age:  25
Phone:  0112348053195811
On websites:  yahoo
Report:  Honey, i was hurt so bad when i was attacked by the robbers and i lost lot of blood and were injured in my forehead and leg.I am into buying and selling of germ Stones,I am new to the business and i was introduced to it at a seminar i attended in US so i took the risk of coming down here to Nigeria to buy the stuff so i could sell and make Good money to kick start my life cuz i am tired of been poor all my life i just want an end to all this suffering that was why i work hard to get into this business not knowing it will not go as planned but i can't blame myself or God cuz it takes a lot of risk to make it in life.I have been stuck here for three months and some days now, i will be happy if you would help me to get back on my feet's cuz its tough for me and cant help it by myself...i am ready to repay you back all i am asking from you to give time to get back to the states to work and pay you back when we are already together.Everything i come down with were taking from me and the hospital help me through when i was rush down to the hospital without receiving payment before treating me.cuz there law down here is payment before any treatment.But now that i am fine and okay the hospital is after the outstanding bills i owe them for the treatment giving to me, But i have no money to pay them cuz everything i come down with have been take away from me...i have no thinking than to contact the U.S embassy for help but they can't help me cuz i am German born and i have European passport,I am only a residence in US .It's sucks they wouldn't help me with the bills i owe the hospital to get out of the hospital and bold on plane back to the U.S.which the hospital is nervous and now they are regretting of helping me in the first place and they have seize up my plane ticket and passport due to the bills i owe them. I felt so sad and devastated and cant help it myself.Please save my life and get me out of this hellish mess.If you would help me with the bills i owe the hospital to get out of here and help me to contact the hospital manager through phone or email 0112348053195811 / Email address ( and ask of me by name Victoria Adam in ward 10.I will also need a place to stay when i return to US cuz i have no where to stay i will be happy if you going to welcome me to you house so we can live together. I will need you to care for me and someone to be with me to help me get through, And i believe with time we will get to know each other more and see what life holds for both of us. Even if we don't seem to match, we will surely and always remember our self forever.. But i know the personality you have is the type that the man in my dream has i really can't wait to meet you and start a new life with you I will be thinking about you and looking forward to hear from you soon. Victoria

Status of report:  is still without proof

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