Scam report about Anna Scherban

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Scherban
Age:  33
Location:  Surok, Russia
Address:  Rua Vostochnaya, 32 - 424027 - Surok - Russia
On websites:  par perfeito
Report:  I spotted it was a coup Across the Stop Scammer, when I confirm your address - Street Vostochnaya, 32, is also the address of Zlata and other women, I saw this site ... .. Check! Stop Scammer ... well, that we explore your heart and wallet ... I was not a victim, but almost got me ... ... She called me three times and said he would come to Brazil to meet me and had no money for a ticket, passport and visa ... ... With that woman shook my head ...

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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