Scam report about Guzel Cheparina

First name:  Guzel
Last name:  Cheparina
Age:  29
Location:  Kazan, Russia
Phone:  Home : 843-263-5205 Cell : 905-023-8323
Report:  This girl will have her profile and photos on a Internet dating site, when communication begins, she'll ask the man to communicate on Skype, then soon she'll pretend to fall in-love with the man, then lure the unsuspecting man to Kazan for a visit. Then when the man is there with her, she will expect the man to buy gifts for her and her daughter (Christina), groceries too, and expect the man to give her money. She uses her daughter, and other family members, including her mother, stepfather, brother & sister in-law, all to make the love she has for the man seem real. When the man arrives back home, she continues her scam pretending to love the man, stating that she wants to marry and have a future with him, until she has gotten as much money possible or until she has found a new man who'll give even more money.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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