Scam report about Cindy Wade

First name:  Cindy
Last name:  Wade
Aka:  cindy_nice1
Age:  29
Location:  UK and ofcourse Nigeria once she's asking for money
Address:  Address: 22 Ablue ade road ikotun State: Lagos Country: Nigeria
On websites:  think netlog or tagged, not sure
Report:  cindy_nice1 Hi honey? BUZZ!!! Stoney hi cindy_nice1 i miss you how have you been? I have not been comming online for days now Stoney me neither cindy_nice1 you miss me at all? BUZZ!!! Stoney yeah Im goof good yeah missed you too can I see you? cindy_nice1 Oh really? But why babe? Stoney because I missed you cindy_nice1 yes babe Stoney so I love to see you smiling cindy_nice1 i am so sad now because i lost my parent i know but i am not happy now Yes i would have love to do so too honey But i couldnt My two parent gone! Stoney ooh sorry to hear that where are you now/ ? cindy_nice1 Thanks babe so now i leave my my uncle in United kingdom and he treated me like a slave Stoney oooh ok and now you are going to? cindy_nice1 I am not ok babe couldnt get my pad and i am mensurating I am sorry i am telling you this but i really need an helping hand its just 50USD i needed to get myself this babe! Stoney where should I send it to? What was your name again? cindy_nice1 I am in My Uncle destination now and i will have to send youhis address Cindy Wade Name: Cindy Wade Address: 22 Ablue ade road ikotun State: Lagos Country: Nigeria Zip: 23401 Dont know how soon you will help me with this But may God bless you Stoney how old are you? cindy_nice1 And i will be in prayer for you also i want you to know that i am really willing to relocate for a I am just 29 And you again babe? Stoney 34 cindy_nice1 i love your look really looking handsome But where are you from sweet Handsome Man? And whats your full Name?? Stoney hold on, Im making a report on which site did we meet? cindy_nice1 report? how do you mean? i couldnt really remember babe

Status of report:  is still without proof

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