Scam report about Angelina Juatuah

First name:  Angelina
Last name:  Juatuah
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  Oasis Active
Report:  She kept telling me how much she loved me, which was fine at first. Then she kept repeating it over and over. She would post strange quotes on the messenger page instead of answering a question I asked her. And when I asked if she had a web-cam so I could see her. She said no and said that she didn't like that idea as she was new to all of this stuff. Then she told me that she didn't have any mins on her phone and asked if I would send her some money for it. I refused and then I foolishly brought up the web-cam idea again and this time she agreed. Then she asked me to send her the money to buy one. And that's when I started to see there was something off about her. She also sent me pics that were clearly done by a professional. So then I put her phone number into google and found this great and helpful site. Thank You by the way. I confrnoted her by email and called her a scammer. She fed me a sob story and tried to make me feel guilty about it. I told her to put her number into google and look for herself. She said she did and she saw her number on the screen. She told me that she only got the the phone last week and that see didn't know how it got on there. So I was on to her and continued to chat with her to see what I could find out. I made her think that I trusted her and that's when she asked for money for a web-cam. Then shortly after that she asked for mins for her phone again. I told her that I would send her the money for the web-cam but not the mins. She seemed happy with that. lol Then I told her I had to go and switched my status to appear off line and deleted her off my messenger and email accounts and I also deleted her emails and her number off my phone. Which is a pity as I can't post it for you all to see. If she contacts me by phone again I'll be sure to post her number on here. Thanks again. My Mama didn't raise on fool! lol

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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