Scam report about juliet rupert

First name:  juliet
Last name:  rupert
Report:  She send me this e-mail: Hello dear, Good reading from you at this moment and you are most wwelcome, I hope this email will meet you in good conditions of life. I am Juliet Jacobo, 24 years, am calm, easy going and down to earth, I need some body like you to help me out..... I just came to France, I live in Paris because of the untimely death that took my both parent........My late mum was the financial secretary of the internal revenue in Sierra Leone before she past away she has safe keep 920 000EUR in a security firm here in France under the influence of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK FRANCE. So when I came here I made necessary contact with the bank in other to authorize the Security firm to release the fund to me as the next of kin to the fund, though they recognize me as the benefactor of the fund but they refuse releasing the fund to me saying that due to my age and refugee status here in France they cannot deal with me alone. So I decide to take a lawyer whom have be trying to solicit for the bank to lay authorization for the Firm to give me the fund but they insist that the only way I can get the fund is for me to get a legal trustee whom have matured status that will help me intake the fund to his bank account. So dear I need your help to help me take this armless and risk free responsibility that will also benefit you... I will award 15% of the total fund to you for any expenses that you might under go. The lawyer told me that as soon as I get a trustee that it will not take more than 10 working days for the fund to get to your account, that it will be transfer under SWIFT telecommunication system. Well I will stop here and after reading from you the required information to officailly introduce you to the bank will be made known to you. And will also introduce you to the lawyer so that you can talk with him for better understanding. Bye for now as I await reading from you soonest. Warmest regards. Juliet.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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