SCAM REPORT ABOUT  ashley johnson

First name: ashley
Last name: johnson
Aka: cumisha jones,
Age: 30
Location: agona swedru ghana west africa
On websites: was last operating on adult site
Report:     i am sorry to say i was a victim of this woman..and i feel so stupid and the biggest loser on this godforsaken planet..i apologize to fellow subsribers and fellow men and women in general for actually being such a pathetic loser into going about trying to help this woman whatever she is!!..she came to me on a say i was pretty vulnerable at time being dumped by my ex girl and still wanting her...but..that is just no damn excuse for my stupidity and total naive gullible foolishness!! giving into this woman goes way beyond stupidity and other things and i am quite ashamed basically to be alive!..she stated to me she was to become a nurse and was studying at the kwame nkrumah school in ghana to earn her nursing degree as an rn..she played on this first knowing i worked in the allied health field.she also told me she was an only child from brisbane australia..ellen grove australia..whose both parents were deceased and mother was a nurse. she always wanted to follow in her footsteps and was so close with her mother.she also played on the only child thing knowing i am one..and it is better that way i guess because no other family member of mine wouldnt be this damn stupid!..we talked long hours each night sent each other pics..said she had classes attended them blah to the bore...exchanged pics ..hers always seemed so professional looking all the time not a gritty looking one or ablurry one at all..said she didnt have phone or cell..sold it for schoolbooks and expenses along with her watch and what not..used her girlfriend
Status of report: is still without proof