First name: Tracey
Last name: Cox
Aka: Linda Coz Williams
Age: 28
Location: First USA later Nigeria
On websites:
Report:     Below is the proof from a recent chat, that i was fooled by a dating scammer: I was this stupid to pay her a ticket, after two years (!) of having chatted, she would come visit me. At first she told me she was in the USA, but later she had gone to Nigeria, where she stayed a while with a girlfriend. To make herself seem trustworthy, she had scanned her passport, but it must have been a fake one... This scammer is called Tracey Cox, but she called herself Linda, because her late father always called her Tracey, that was too painful for her... This was her first mail from the mail-address:, she later used my name is coz linda williams my father is from uk amd my mum is from holland . but my father has dead am presently in usa now . i was born in 1982 my mum is in australia,i am a party photographer before and i was trained in new youk city as a food protector for a year which i have certificate for it and am willing to relocate with a lucky man who can take care of me and show me love again that will never deceive me because i have been deceive before by a guy that lead me to usa . read from you soon linda NOW TELL ME ABOUT YOU OK, I told her about previous experiences with internet dating and that there were dating scammers on line and i did not want to talk about money: this is what she replied: thank you for the message you sent to me let me tell you i dont need your money all i need is true love and trust that is all (yeah sure!) After a lot of chatting, after two years of chatting, I thought i had no reason to distrust her. I bought her a ticket for the airline to visit me, and on purpose did not give her the money to buy the ticket herself. Strange, she did not seem very grateful for this! But after I done that, she said she had no money for the taxi to the airport. She asked for money at least 150 dollars for the taxi and for some food. So i send her some 200 dollars for the taxi and for some other stuff. She also spoke about a Basic Travel Allowance (BTA). When I googled this, I found out that this BTA did not exist. But she had me convinced she had wrongly got this info from others... I have checked her e-mail address on dating scam sites, but i never found anything about her on the internet. That made me wrongly trust her. A few weeks later, the day after i send the money, I had a call from an unknown man, who claimed to be a doctor at the hospital, telling me that Tracey was sick and was taken into hospital. He asked if I was her fiancee because she had said this so the the doctor. I denied this and said it was only a girlfriend with whom i had chatted. The guy had my phone-number and also my email-address, he supposedly got it from the scammer-girl. I then realized, I was scammed and stolen of my hard earned holiday pay! I then knew that i was deceived by a dating scammer organisation. But it was too late, my money was gone and the plane ticket (550 euro's!) was not refundable... The first thing I did after this strange call was changing my cell phone number and deleted her messenger profile... Below is a quote of the chat about the BTA and her asking me for taxi money: me: hi dear Tracey Cox: hello hun Tracey Cox: how are you doing tonight hun me: i am ok, wachted some intersting youtube docs Tracey Cox: ok Tracey Cox: thats nice Tracey Cox: i just have 30min to talk to u hun me: ok do you have some more news on the BTA? Tracey Cox: according to what i heard they said anybody that is travelling to any country that he must have bta Tracey Cox: that no one is collecting the money from the person Tracey Cox: but he must have it hun me: explain Tracey Cox: they said they always make sure that all the passenger on board have the bta so that they wont be Liabilities for the goverment of the country he or she is going Tracey Cox: you too go and asked from anybody to explain the meaning of bta for you Tracey Cox: okay me: so how do you get the bta? Tracey Cox: what kind of qestion is that Tracey Cox: am i working here hun Tracey Cox: when you know i dont have anymoney Tracey Cox: hun we are not paying bta to anybody they just want all the persenger onboard have it Tracey Cox: like when me and my late friend is coming here they said me and her must have 2500usd as bta Tracey Cox: so ask from anybody hun Tracey Cox: ok Tracey Cox: because i dont want that date to come and something else would not let me travelled it would pain me a lot me: the first link i find on the net about bta is this: viewtopic.php?t=7231 Tracey Cox: what is that hun? me: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BASIC TRAVEL ALLOWANCE!! Please remember: there is NO such thing. There is NO such requirement, in any country of the world. This is an invention of the scammers. me: Same in Africa. Those times are gone, and this term doesn't exist anymore. Tracey Cox: hun that is what i heard Tracey Cox: they just told me anybody that is travelling they would ask him or her bta Tracey Cox: that is what i heard me: thats just nonsense Tracey Cox: if you said so me: The applicants for visa may be required to prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves, but not in the form of cash shown in the window during the interview, comon!! The applicants should have good jobs, bank accounts or present a letter from the inviting side (affidavit of support). This is how they should prove, and not by showing a bunch of cash weeks or months before departure date, me: so you dont need it me: Basic travel allowance (BTA) to be shown in the airports, customs or Embassies is a baloney!!! If somebody mentions it, it's a 100% scam. me: who told you you need a BTA? Tracey Cox: so you mean is lie me: yep Tracey Cox: but when me and my late friend is coming down here they ask us how much we have Tracey Cox: and some more question like that Tracey Cox: but is my late friend that answer them Tracey Cox: she told me that they want us to have enough cash with us Tracey Cox: thats why i believe when in heard about it Tracey Cox: but i think i have to go to the airport before that date to know more about it Tracey Cox: or what do you think ? me: yes you must first enquire what you need to travel here me: and then please let me know Tracey Cox: okay hun Tracey Cox: did you know why am telling you these now Tracey Cox: there is someone that is talking about travelling yesterday too she told her frieend that they said the bta is 1000usd Tracey Cox: and she is going to southafrica me: passport and visa would be reguired as stated below, as for monetory requirement, that might just be advised, but not required, Tracey Cox: hun tell me am i wrong with all what am saying ? me: yes no bta needed only passport or visa Tracey Cox: but you know your country is different from these country Tracey Cox: you know that me: i just looked it up, there no bta anymore me: also not in nigeria Tracey Cox: okay Tracey Cox: if you said so me: mm Tracey Cox: i agreed with you Tracey Cox: but i think i have to go to the airport and know whats happening Tracey Cox: or what do you think? Tracey Cox: because i dont want anything to stop me from coming that day me: yes dear please ask them what papers are required and then let me know next time? Tracey Cox: did they always required any papers ? Tracey Cox: and which papers ? me: at least passport and maybe visa, i dont know Tracey Cox: ok Tracey Cox: but i dont have money to take a taxi from here to the airport Tracey Cox: and i told you that is very far hun me: end of next month Tracey Cox: end of next month or these month me: so am very happy you can come the 28 of may, looking forward to it Tracey Cox: me too me: we had conversation for about 2 years via internet, i ve never seen you in real life and ima now looking forward to this my dear! Tracey Cox: but i said i want to go to the airport before that time Tracey Cox: because i dont want anything to disturb me from coming there Tracey Cox: i understand all what you are saying hun Tracey Cox: well is up to you now Tracey Cox: because you know am broke me: please call the airport first so you know what documents you need Tracey Cox: i should call me: mm Tracey Cox: ohh Tracey Cox: what is the meaning of mmmmmmmmmm Tracey Cox: you are saying me: i mean yes you d better first call the airport to know what documents you need for leaving to the netherlands Tracey Cox: ok me: and then let me know when you called them Tracey Cox: but i want to go there my self Tracey Cox: okay Tracey Cox: well have to go now my time is almost finish Tracey Cox: you always do sometime as if you know everything Tracey Cox: i wont said anything about it again Tracey Cox: lets wait and see that day Tracey Cox: thats all what i could say for now Tracey Cox: okay Tracey Cox: i would do as you say me: ok then let me know if you ve found it out me: i may be talking to you tomorrow me: ? Tracey Cox: talk to you later Tracey Cox: okay Tracey Cox: take care Tracey Cox is typing... Tracey Cox: bye me: bye Tracey Cox has signed out. I had first met the scammer via the paid dating msn site She/he (?) seems to be a very experienced scammer who has the ability to make people trust her during a long period of chatting. She chatted at the strangest times, also late in the evening, so I have always thought this could not be a dating scammer/ organisation. Isn't that trustworthy? She also send some 'hot pics'' for ''my eyes only''' and I was a man who fell into this trap... Conclusion: 1) Caution! Even [i]paid dating sites have scammers on them! 2) This was a very hard and expensive learning experience for me. 3) I will never trust anyone on internet when i have not seen them in real life again. 4) I will never wire any money again to anyone who I have not met before in real life.
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