SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Alla Yakymovska

First name: Alla
Last name: Yakymovska
Aka: Jana Agency
Age: 40
Location: Vinnitsa, Ukraine
On websites: Jana marriage agency
Report:     If you look on the dictionary for the definition of greed you'll find a photo of this person. If you use your agency there will be several alarms ringing. For instance once you get to Vinnitsa none of the most attractive girls from the website will be available even if you were writting letters to them. You will be suggested to contact a few girls, which of course they don't speak any english (or they are adviced to pretend they dont) so for each meeting you'll need to pay for the meeting, translator and food for 3! at least a $100. By the end of the meeting you'll think everything is ok because you can get the girl's contact, but you don't. Girls are adviced not to give you any information. So for the next meeting is back to square one. Beware! don't say later you were not warned.
Status of report: is still without proof