Scam report about Tina Falls

First name:  Tina
Last name:  Falls
Aka:  churchqul
Age:  30
Location:  USA
On websites:  France Singles
Report:  Tina: a client that is owing me money contact that he his ready to pay now and my attorney and partner is surpose to receive the money is now in Germany but will be visiting france soon 00:04 was thinking if you could help me receive the money there in france so once my attorney arrive france he will come to you for the money so he know how to get it to me here when he his coming back to the state. 00:05 he would have receive the transfer in germany though but he can not receive such heavy amount its about 50000 EURO because he his not a German and has no account there... 00:08 me: why don't they send the money directly to usa? 00:12 Tina: my attorney is in charge to receive the money and he his not here we need to follow protocol and if the money should come to me my dad will be involve because he his on my neck on family issues the only account that i can receive the money my dad will be involve and i dont him to be involve my mom is dead i toild you 00:13 and i inherit many things my dad live with step mom and i have to keep all the inheritance to myself so my mom said he was having a secret afair with the woman before my mom died 00:14 me: you can open an account on the internet, why don't you do that 00:15 Tina: other banks in my visinities send monthly statements to my main bank which is the head office 00:16 me: and Tina: hold 00:17 the problem is there a loan on my dads property attach to my account and if i should have huge money there they will deduct it so my attorney is in charge of the business account so he take care of the money for the business 00:18 just asking you and if you can not do it that is no probs ok 00:19 me: I'm not interested in your money and don't know you well to do this kind of thing, you will have to find someone else, or just open a offshore account 00:21 It's strange you ask this when you say your father is a tax inspector?? 00:22 Don't think you are good? 12 minutes 00:34 me: So you have nothing to say now, you are a scammer arn't you!!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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