SCAM REPORT ABOUT  mary kelley richie

First name: mary kelley
Last name: richie
Age: 29?
Location: Ghana..angona swedru
Phone: 233200832221
Email: has 2 addresses
On websites: loopylove online dating...UK
Report:     Well this little bitch contacted me on the dating site stating she wanted to know more about me etc..when i found out she lives in ghana alarm bells started ringing...she sent me her yahoo address and we started chatting online via MSN..she sent me naked pictures she said her mum had taken lol the asked me to top up her mobile phone via the internet!!!..she then said she needed ?250 for her passport?? im neither stupid or desperate so she got told to go away!!!..please chaps dont fall for these scammers..if it seems remotely dodgy IT IS...common sense prevails
Status of report: is still without proof