Scam report about Stella Jones

First name:  Stella
Last name:  Jones
Aka:  Sandra wyane
Age:  27-33
Location:  Largos, Nigeria....City IKEJA
Address:  100 Independent Rd.
On websites:  Adult Friend Finder, HOT Match
Report:  she had asked for $150.00 for something i don't rember what, i just blew it off, thinking i am not gonna send her anything. then i was playing along so i was like i need your adress, western union wants it, so she gave it to me, and then she tells me that they will most likely tell me it is a scam,and not to send anything that was the first clue, then the second clue was ok if she had only been there for 3 weeks how did she know how to use western union so well, she could just rattle it off.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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